New ep on Highgrade!
New ep on Highgrade!
date: 13.10.08
Todd Bodine presents unexpected life-form
Label: Highgrade 056

a calypso – calypso.mp3
b snakeskin – snakeskin.mp3
another day (Beatport exclusive) – another_day.mp3

Releasedate Vinyl: 17.11.2008
Releasedate Digital (Pro Vinyl): 01.12.2008


Todd Bodine demonstrates with this EP once again extraordenary
taste and skills. After a very successfull excursion on Claude van
Strokes Mothership label and his activities as a heavily booked
live-act and DJ he presents on „Unexpected life-form“ two brilliant
tracks, that seem to burst with their energy.

Todd Bodine apparently has gained a lot of experience how to
bunch the impact on both the dancefloor and the musical side and
how to turn the result into a wall of sound. And he‘s doing it by
following his own unique style. On the A-side „Calypso“ captivates
you right after a few seconds with it‘s pulsating sequences and a
subtle growing energy-level from break to break. Developing a drive
which won‘t miss it‘s impact on any floor.

„Snakeskin“ on the flip is homogeneously build around shimmering
melody-sequences which create the energy of this track, while the
bassline below pulsates warm and deep. Sounds like: Detroit
without kitsch. Or like a cross between Matthew Johnson, Robert
Hood and Fabrice Lig. To put it in other words: a typical Todd
Bodine release in the best sense. Allready a true highlight in the
Highgrade-catalogue in 2008!



+ Adultnapper Audiomatique: B1 is a biggy for me. Really deep trippy late
night groove with some ummmf. great production and excellent dancefloor
+ Claude VonStroke - dirtybird_m: will support for sure.
+ Dj= Deep (Deeply Rooted): I prefer B side. Nice track like the sort of dubby
feel to it, could play it out.
+ Giles Smith (Secretsundaze): Calypso is the stronger of the tracks here.
+ Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): wieder was gutes von mr. bodine. ich
bevorzuge die b-seite. schön deep für den anfang.
+ Laurent Garnier (F-Com): nice A side will play that
+ Ung & Bastos: really nice
+ DJ: Terry: nice music from todd ..will play calypso for sure
+ Eric Borgo: like snakeskin will try it out
+ Mark Henning: calypso is nice :)
+ Benno Blome: cool!
+ Markus Kavka: sagenhaft! A hat enorm druck und rollt mächtig, B
transportiert eine wunderbare stimmung und ist ein perfekter build-up-track.
bisher mein lieblings-todd-bodine-release.
+ Luciano: calypso is more my type ...great vibe deep baselines who brings
light and darkness to teh floor
+ Kabale Und Liebe:i like the calypso track best thanks
+ Markus Homm: Mal wieder super arbeit von todd. Ohne favoriten kommen
beide ich case und werden mich eine weile. begleiten. Vielen dank
+ Reynold: I love snakeskin!!! great dubby track! and very very tight
producing quality.. well done todd :-)
+ Tsugi Mag France: Good one.
+ David K: nice release, my favorite is calypso
+ Steve Bug: nice tools for big clubs, will play.
+ Sasse: nice package, the beats are wicked ,will play !
+ Luke Slater: Getting there
Todd Bodine Live @ GOA – Madrid
Todd Bodine Live @ GOA – Madrid
date: 13.10.08
New dj-mix
New dj-mix
date: 13.10.08
A new dj-mix is online for you! Recorded at FESTIVAL PURA VIDA, Madrid – 20.09.08
Various Artists Vol. IV – Highgrade 48
Various Artists Vol. IV – Highgrade 48
date: 25.03.08
Guido Schneider & André Galuzzi / Todd Bodine & Daniel.fx
Label: Highgrade

A. Bacarra (Guido Schneider & André Galuzzi)
B. 7 Eleven (Todd Bodine & Daniel.fx) – 7-Eleven.mp3


To kick off into the New Year, Highgrade brings you a new edition of its Various Artists compilation. This time we focus on two surprising collaborations from the middle of Berlin’s club circuit who seem to follow the same aim with different methods: Clique artist daniel.fx joins up with one of Highgrade´s main producers Todd Bodine for a deadpan minimal house groover, as well as the massive and challenging monster track by Guido Schneider from Pokerflat together with OSTGUT/Panorama barimpresario DJ Andre Galuzzi - a demanding and enthusing track just perfect to bring on the perfect headrush on the legendary Ostgut floor as well as everywhere else!

HIGHGRADE048 in the media

2000 and One: “the Schneider & Galuzzi works wicked on the dancefloor. full support gr, 2000 and One”

3 channels (dirtybird,leena): “ we'v been spining "7 eleven" since few month already!! always good reaction on the dancefloor!! charted!”

Adultnapper Audiomatique: “Both sides are major winners in my book. The Schneider mix works really well on a big rig. bass is massive, and the bodine is great as usual. nice techy groove with crisp production and dark vibe. one of my favorite imprints!!”

Debug (GER): “Guido Schneider & Andre Galluzi rocken auf der A-Seite quer durch das perkussive Gebüsch, das bei Schneider Tracks einfach immer das perfekte Feld für Experimente ist, und hier schon wieder völlig anders klingt. Techno im Rücken, Freejazzbesen in den Ohren. So geht das. Strolling und mit abenteuerlich süsslichen "ahhh......"-Vocals. Gerader die Rückseite von Todd Bodine & Daniel.fx die ein wenig Robert Hood-Erinnerungen hochspült, aber dabei dennoch im richtigen Moment die tragisch funkigen Synthsounds durchbrechen lässt. Eine Hymne die fast wie von selbst zu entstehen scheint. bleed •••••”

D\'julz (Pokerflat): “huge guido/galluzi track! cant wait to play this one out”

Giles Smith DJ MAG (UK): “Quite a monster, really like the the eastern vocal influence but probably not quite groovy enough for me sets. One of the better minimal records i have heard which doesn't suprise me with Guido behind it.”

Italoboyz (Get Physical - Moth: “baccara is nice!”

James Flavour (Dirt Crew): “strong package. highgrade is releasing continuously good records!”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “schneider & galuzzi ist schon gut, aber bodine & daniel fx ist der kracher. heavy rotation letztes weekend in meinen sets. tolle platte.”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “nice track on the A side will play of course ”
Layo: “for bacarra...”

Mike Monday (Playtime): “A - Trippy groovy heads down bizznizz. Did the job on the dancefloor on Saturday. B- Fantastic - big moments!”

p.toile (mothership, trenton): “ both sides are great.. i play both”

reynold (trenton, curle): “ really excellent release. my fav is bodine and fx though.. deep and endless tune.. my kinda stuff.. well done guys ”

Sasse (Moodmusic): “b-side is a absolute killer ! thanks !”

Sebo K (Mobilee): “great release. will play!”

Steve Bug (Poker Flat): “the schneider and galuzzi track is a very useful tool, i will play it!”

till von sein (morris/audio): “ die b seite ist einfach nen tier! hab die ja im sommer schon bekommen und seit dem regelmäßig gespielt.war oft überrascht was für einen alarm die nummer auslöst. daumen hoch!”
Secret Edge EP – Mothership 004
Secret Edge EP – Mothership 004
date: 10.01.08
Title: Secret Edge EP
Pre Sales:Jan. 2008
Releasedate: 01.28.2008

A. Secret Edge – Secret-Edge.mp3
B. Back-to-Back – Back-To-Back.mp3

mothership transmission #4… Todd Bodine has been one of our favourite producers for a long time so we are very excited to be able to bring to you this EP on mothership. Todd always brings a swinging groove that works for both minimal and house DJs and this release definitely delivers the doughnuts.

Side A, “Secret Edge” will turn any stale room fresh and get everyone’s toes tapping and asses wiggling. It’s got elements of Detroit, Chicago, and Berlin all wound up into a really nice party starter. You can never underestimate a fun grooving track that’s easy to mix and fun to dance to.

Side B, “Back to Back” is a submariner’s dream with bubbling water sounds floating and popping over a low funk groove. This is the track for when you want to take it down a notch without losing any dance-floor magic. It’s a real dreamy affair with a fat bottom end.